by Baltimore Cults

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Cults full length from 2011. Recorded in Huppman's garage. Look out for their new EP coming out really soon.


released January 24, 2011




sorry girls records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

little philly bedroom label. forever poor.

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Track Name: Laser Tag
the air smells like summer and I remember how you thought going to the city would make life less dull. where the fuck are you now? and we went to those baseball games and we drank from coolers in the sun. and I guess we were young then, but we are young now. where the fuck are you now? young bones lost in skyscrapers and skylines that jut out like ribs. we're dying in the beast now, but fuck, I'll find a way out. where the fuck are you now? philadelphia sits so high and I feel right at home. in the summer we would drink ourselves numb and yell at the clouds, "where the fuck are you now?"
Track Name: No Chicks in the Bro Tub
think back on everything you did, I'll never forget it. you tried to find hidden meaning. you tried to hide your books, I excused all your looks. you always found hidden meaning. I'd be lying if I said I did to. you were always so fleeting. I was trying to work on something new, but it's gone now, slugger. you always lied to me, the first time, the last time. and I'll exhale into your bones if you want it, if you need it. we tried to help, but nothing could be done. sorry to raise your hopes. we always try to stick around for too long. we always fall, get up but now it's gone. fucking lost again. just fucking lost again. it's times like these that make me think of summer in winterville where the end always felt so near. crystal clear like the lake where I saw my reflection and staring back at me was a black hole. you were fighting sleep for the first time, for the last time. and I'll exhale into your bones if you want it, if you need it.
Track Name: John Stockton vs. Charles Barkley
philadelphia lay at my feet lit from above like leningrad in '41 and I know we're all alone. I can hear the voice. what are they saying? "we are the fucking future. we always remember how the sky lit up at night. we are the fucking future. we always remember how the world feel down like loose leaves on the ground. breathe in deep, yeah, don't forget that we never die, we only realize what it's like. what it's like to be hopeful, what it's like to be useful. but I've seen the ending and it's all the same. so we rise above the trees and see the red army. we always remember how the light stretched out across the scene, like a sunset on the banks of the baltic sea. please, we didn't die for nothing. three long years in here and I know what love is."
Track Name: Droogs
think back on the disillusionment and how we always felt so seasick. I tried to walk around like I was 40 feet tall. or the time when we were on the subway on our way to that baseball game and I...well, I'll never be the same. and I puked my brains out on your floor. the food poisoning was all I had to show for this. you never held my head the way you held your ride. I lie in bed and try to memorize everything that you said. it wasn't second guessing. I can't sleep at night. how can you sleep at night? how can you act so strange with the look of pain stretched across your face? and how did the color change when the window remained, but not your grace? I was the father you forgot and I was always lost. but now I'm the stranger in the fog and I will never stop. how can you sleep at night? because I can't sleep at night.
Track Name: It's the Well System, You Guys
if nothing else, at least we can agree that having this pavement beneath our feet doesn't feel like we thought. what I would give to just go back to when we would scum it up all night and drink by the bay. back to the time when we were all we had, our dirty feet and bloodshot eyes led us right where we belong. but if we wait for the first day of spring the sky will open up and heal no matter how much it I will bide my time until then. but if you were here I'd be home. I remember how we felt and where we were when we lost our self control. I don't know but it maybe it was the sea air or the fact that we hadn't seen the city for days. I thought it was the best we'd ever seen, drinking with sun in our eyes and then we got out like this place was a prison, and maybe it was. but, goddamn, I've never seen the stars as bright as that time when we were all just fucking lost in ourselves in our bullshit problems. and I guess things will never be the same.
Track Name: Spring Break Bro10
no one cares at all about it now and I was younger once and I'm younger still. remember the wind in our hair and how we felt like the only ones alive? and the first pitch of april was thrown and summer was in our eyes? no one cares at all about it now. and I was so small back then, and I'm small now. because the world is so fucking big and now we're wishing we weren't alive. but the air was cool on our faces and I know I'm afraid to die. no one cares at all about it now. and somewhere they scream like this and they aren't afraid to die.
Track Name: I Put the Team on My Back Doo
8 shots down and I'm moving on without you, just for tonight be someone else. as it burns you look on and apathetic, you can learn to fast forward, I'll just be myself. holding your hair never got me far, always dipping out when life gets hard. should have realized from the start that nothing is ever what it seems. light me up that cigarette I think it's safe to say we're dying. living life with no regret, my father said no point in trying. don't look back even though those times were the best we ever had. I can't explain your color change. I can't explain; words come out and lose their feeling. let's be logical a little longer now. all things must pass but I'll still be myself. don't look back back even though those times were the best we ever had.
Track Name: Pitcher's Poison
falling asleep was never so sweet, all those times in the morning waking up next to you. falling asleep six feet in the ground, breaking boundaries from the center to nothing. and I said, "I mean this." and I said it once, I'll just repeat it. I stand without a sense of doubt. the most terrible part is all these pieces on the ground. taking liberties with what we used to be, it's hard sometimes. nothing can be done to change this outcome from the center to nothing. we left home and found ourselves. but it's just a fucking mess so we leave it in the ground. I think it's time for you to leave. we're all just laughing at you on your knees. how is the view from the ceiling on your fucking back?
Track Name: Jock Retreat
and I know this city, we've been here and we've been here before. and I know this city, all my friends say it's dead. so shout like you mean it, and hold onto anyone you can. because I know this city, all my friends say it's dead. and I'd go to the ends of the earth to see the end, and I'd wish for a thousand ways to see the end. and we feel like the air we breathe and the air was thin, and we were stinking of gin, and we were drunk as shit. pathetic and just drunk as shit. so please just get out while you can, the city is a maze in itself. just please get out while you can. we were the ending that you never told, we were the darkness in that snowy blow. the city streets just contracted below, so close your eyes. and I know this city, all my friends are just locked in place. and I know this city, the jutting skyline is just the teeth to this maze. and I wanted to just fall bright back and lose myself. so we all just fell right back and I lost myself. and we all went our separate ways. you moved back home, the city rattled your bones. and you tried to stand tall while we took the el past city hall. and I guess we could just cut a track and see ourselves without this shit that wells right up and then goes back down. but I'm not that guy, I'm just not that guy. so here we are at the end of the world.