We'll Get to it Eventually

by sports.

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released April 16, 2014




sorry girls records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

little philly bedroom label. forever poor.

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Track Name: Dogs
It's been almost three years and honestly not much has changed.
I'm shrouded in rain,
But I've only myself to blame.
Uncanny trepidation in the most average situations,
A single breathe
To whisk me away.

The people that I know, the people that I knew,
They're all heading somewhere and I'm still heading nowhere.
I'm always searching for a way out
Because I can't handle all the stress.

It's been almost three years
And honestly some things might have changed.
Cloudy skies remain;
My active mind's to blame.

I promise I'm making progress; I'm always "making progress."
Track Name: Classic 2s
Another Friday night wasted:
Realizing that my life is a disgrace.
"You'll never change even if you wanted. You'll never account for anything.”
I swear that's all you'd say.

I tried so hard to pull myself together
And pick the pieces off of the ground.
I never thought that a thousand miles away
I could ever feel the same, but I can and I will.

I lie awake almost every night,
It's like nothing has changed since Milwaukee.
I'm so sick of this progression;
I'm a walking contradiction.

And I will…

I thought things would get better,
But I shouldn't plan for anything but the worst
Since history likes to repeat itself.
I always "try so hard.”
What does that actually mean?
Because everything stays the same
No matter how far away I stray from my home and my friends from everything and everyone I love.

I'm so alone;
I'm so afraid of everything that could possibly go wrong.

What the fuck am I doing here, am I doing with my life?
I can hardly stand it anymore.
I can hardly stand it anymore.

I'm so alone.
I'm so alone.
I'm so alone.
Track Name: Illinoisy
I've come so far just to throw this away,
I swear I'll never change.
I wish this feeling would just go away.

I'll hold my tongue while you tell me I should change;
I swear it's more than that.
I'll be better in days.
While you hit the town,
I'll just waste away behind a closed door with myself to blame.

Those sleepless nights,
Those drunken rhymes,
Those nights were not a (waste).

Oh my god, I'm so lame.
It's driving me insane.
I can't begin to fathom what my life would be like
If I could just think straight.
Track Name: Sink-O
You've brought me down for two years too long.
I never thought it'd get to this.

But maybe we weren't meant to
Be together.

But I need someone
To calm me down.
Tell me everything will be okay;
Everything will be just fine.
Track Name: On Grass, On Grass
I’m sitting on the edge of every word you’ve said.
My mind will wander on
The excuse is growing long.
So while I think and recover my heart still grows fonder.

I’ve fallen into this sleep
That keeps me down on my luck
So I can hardly wake myself.
I can never wake myself, I can never account for anything.

I need a good excuse to replay the scenes inside my head.

But I’m so fucking sick of it.
I’m tired of trying to sleep while
All that I can see is your ghostly complexion, your lack of intellection.
You’re the scabs on my knees; you’re just a fucking disease
But you’re all that I can think about.
Track Name: Mo Vaughn (He Was a Baseball-Man)
I wish I could have done it differently.
Called you back immediately and
I've always wondered about that day.
If anything would change or if it would just stay the same.
I just want you to know that I love you; I love you so.
I wish I answered it tears me apart.
I wanted to help you but there is no restart.

How could I've known this was coming?
I thought you were fine.
I never imagined you wanted your time.

And I’ll just wait so patiently at night
Wishing you were still alive.
I just wish you could have known we would have helped,
Never let you go.