The Steve French EP

by Olde Pine

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released January 9, 2013

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Justin Brown




sorry girls records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

little philly bedroom label. forever poor.

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Track Name: Foreskin Jetpack
we don't know what we're doing
we don't see whats left behind
all we know is where were going
but its a place i haven't found
and i'm torn between my heart and a clear head
lately i need so much more than oxygen
to walk this path i tread

all the right words come out of the wrong mouth for you
you pick your poisons and drink them too

you pick me up just to put me right back down
heavy hands cover glassy eyes

you pick the poisons that eat your insides
Track Name: Samsquamch
i won't waste your time
if you promise not to waste another second of mine
this year's been long enough as it is, i don't know how to begin again

and i hope you don't make the same mistakes that your dad did, when he lost his way
or your mom did when she took his hand, she bit off far more than you could ever hope to chew
but time is what you have and it's yours to spend
what better way to spend it, than with your best friend?

you hit the road and left me an ocean, i can't swim in the silence of your skin
please let me inside the times we never had it right, i spent two years alone with you
Track Name: Bob Cousy's Queezy Woozie Koozie
you don't have to push that false air from your beautifully crooked teeth
it's in those eyes and those thighs and those summertime highs when you make deserts of my seas of doubt. and i think honesty could be the the saving grace of humanity and me. all you've got to do is just say what you're thinking and stop fabricating all your lies, at least this time speak your mind, put your feelings aside.