by Olde Pine

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Awesome EP from the dudes in Olde Pine from way back in 2011. Check out their other EP The Steve French EP


released October 18, 2011




sorry girls records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

little philly bedroom label. forever poor.

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Track Name: For Twinny
im running on empty, im through the roof.
this worlds not small enough for the two of us but,
you are here, im exhausted.
your eyes are telling me all of the things that i hoped i would hear.

i'll miss the smell of smoke and perfume filling up my lungs as i bite my tongue.

as the brown blanket sits soaking up our history, im lifted up.
Track Name: Dutch Apple Pie
we stopped for cigarettes, we shared the smoke in bed.
we slept side by side for the first time, yeah, we were fine.

but thats okay, cuz in my heart of hearts, i know youll be back some day and all those places ive been wont seem so far away

so far! so far! so fuckin far bro

you will break, just like every other time.
and i will be there to collect your bones

and all those things i said, i meant every word.
every syllable a skeleton of what could have been.

and i can still feel your love, and maybe ill say yes, when you come crawling back again.
Track Name: That's Git
no, i dont want no scrubs, a scrub is a gal who cant get no love from me, sittin in the passengers side of her best friends ride, tryin to holla at me.