Four Months

by Baltimore Cults

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played and recorded live intermittently during the spring semester of 2013 in Sean, Matt, and Albert's apartment in State College, Pennsylvania.


released July 14, 2013

performed by:
Sean Brady - guitar, vocals
Albert Berardocco - melodica on 3-5, vocals on 4
Matt Yeager - guitar on 1-6
all music by Baltimore Cults




sorry girls records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

little philly bedroom label. forever poor.

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Track Name: 1/25/13 (7:33 pm)
another april day, probably wake up, probably fall from past mistakes. another thawing day with the season change and the scars they gave. another year in may. years just pass by but this pace sustained has got me locked in place. but there's baseball on, I can watch this pace. if you forget this, I will forget this ever happened. until that happens it's etched in my brain like a memory from my childhood. you can forget everything we saw, but I won't forget this. but you'll forget this like a memory. I could say to you, "everything will be alright." but I'd be lying. and I could say, "it'll be ok." but I'd be lying. because there's no hope. nothing to live for. nothing to hope for. no hope.
Track Name: 2/2/13
I've really got it this time. I've memorized everything you've wrote. this isn't the first time. it could be the last time. fuck you. I'm sick and tired. I've had enough.
Track Name: 2/3/13 (12:10 am)
hey Mcnulty, is it ok to call you tonight? hey Mcnulty, it's backing up, I mean it's fucking ugly. honestly, there's nothing left. something belongs here.
Track Name: 2/3/13 (12:33 am)
let's pretend we know how this ends. I forget the things inside my head. cold air hits the window. I can't sleep. snowfall on city streets replacing memories.
Track Name: 2/12/13
think back on the disillusionment and how I always felt so seasick, I tried to walk around like I was 40 feet tall. or the time when we were in the subway, on our way to that baseball game. well, I...I'll never be the same. and I puked my brains out on your floor. (it wasn't second guessing.) the food poisoning was all I had to show for this. (I can't sleep at night). you never held my head the way you held your pride. (how can you sleep at night?) I lie awake and try to memorize everything that you said. and how can you act so strange with that look of pain stretched across your face? and how did the color change and the window remain, but not your grace? and I was the father you forgot and I was always lost. but now I'm the stranger in the fog and I will never stop. and how can you sleep at night? because I can't sleep at night.
Track Name: 3/14/13
if we give it all rest, we forgive and we forget the things we said out in the car. I felt it in my heart. you never know the things you reap when you're blacked out are what you sow. so to parts unknown I go, away from here. we spend our time trying to rewind all of these years away from here. sometimes I feel like I'm falling asleep at the wheel if the metaphor for the car was our life apart. fucking pointlessness. drones just lost in it. this century can't see past it's own lens. connected far too much to stop and hear the violins. just violence. just fucking spit. endless pointless shit.
Track Name: 4/16/13
I know I should be happy. and most of the time I think I found it. a couple of friends in broken houses. and we all can't breathe. I know the flood is coming. and most of the time I think I'm drowning. a couple of friends in burning houses, and we all can't sleep.
Track Name: 5/1/13
it's 2 AM and I'm still up watching The Shining. it got me thinking of spacial anomalies. I don't know where this window goes and I don't know where this story goes. hallways that go nowhere, just like a maze. well, it's not there. how about a drink in the Gold Room? it's feeling like 1921 and we're caught in photographs with our hands up. say hi to Lloyd for me tonight. I know it's Jack Daniels freezing outside in the snow because we forgot about it. and we forgot.