Black Metal

by sorry girls records

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Panucci's Pizza//Robins Split!

Panucci's Pizza is:
Matt Diamond - Vocals/Guitar
Brock Benzel - Drums/Vocals

Robins is:
Albert Berardocco - Vocals
John Sepcie - Guitar
Mike McGrath - Guitar
Nick Tadrzynski - Bass
Kev Robison - Drums


released December 28, 2013

All Panucci's Pizza songs written by Panucci's Pizza

Recording/Mixing/Mastering on "Take your Giraffes, Leave and be Happy" was done by Brian Davis at the Downingtown School of Rock

Recording/Mixing on "Taylor's First 8 String" was done by Matt Diamond in his room.

Special thanks to Grayson Kohs and Jorge Velez for providing vocals on "Take your Giraffes, Leave and be Happy"

All Robins songs written by Robins

Recording of "Parking Lots" and "Bobby Dukes is Back" was done by Mike McGrath at the Sepcie Household

Mixing/Mastering of "Parking Lots" and "Bobby Dukes is Back" was done by Pay Loundas




sorry girls records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

little philly bedroom label. forever poor.

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Track Name: Panucci's Pizza - Take your Giraffes, Leave and be Happy
You watched me grow, from a boy into a man
But I just wanted you to see me grow
From a man into a father

At least you got to see me happy
If only for a while
Cause after it all ended
You just told me to forget her

And I'm sorry, that I'm so selfish
And I'm sorry, for my personality disorders
As my fingertips continue to wither
Your heart dwindles and mine grows more bitter

This is all familiar to me
This feeling of zero guarantee
This is all familiar to me
This feeling of sinking beneath a concrete sea

So regal, So majestic
You're finally leaving
But you won't make a sound
Until you close your eyes

I've developed a case of protagonist syndrome
And I've yet to discover, if my story will end soon
(Just tell me that you want this back, so I can tell you that it never left)

Its familiar to me
Familiar to me
Familiar to me
Familiar to me
Track Name: Panucci's Pizza - Taylor's First 8 String
Driving with the wipers on
In the morning, when its not raining
Just to get a false sense of clarity
Of whats in front of me

Whats in front of me
Is not what its supposed to be
I'm using the sanctuary (I used when I was 18)

But I'm not 18 anymore
Oh I'm just far too poor

You wouldn't have crushed a bug.
So why did you crush me

My heart is as empty as my wallet on the weekends